It is a tale that continues to haunt and now a Bolton actor is helping to tell the chilling true story of the world's most famous poltergeist.

MetFilm School graduate Max Lohan is captivating audiences with his portrayal of photographer Graham Morris in the new Apple TV+ drama "The Enfield Poltergeist."

Max, 25, who grew up in Bolton and attended Turton High School Media Arts College, completed his BA degree in Practical Filmmaking at MetFilm School's London campus by the world famous Ealing Studios.

He is cast in a new series exploring the eerie world of the Enfield Poltergeist, a phenomenon that gripped the nation in the 1970s.

In 1977, the Hodgson family living at 284 Green Street in Enfield made bold claims about a poltergeist haunting their home witnessed by two of the children, Margaret and her sister Janet.

The case ignited newspaper headlines and has been repeatedly dramatised on stage and screen including The Conjuring 2.

This four-part series delves into more than 250 hours of rare audio recordings to recreate terrifying events from 46 years ago including present-day interviews with people affected by the case.

Max, who plays photographer Graham Morris, plays a man thrust into the middle of one of the most mysterious paranormal events of the 20th century.

"Finding out that I was going to be playing him was a mixture of excitement, nervousness – but overall, motivation," he revealed.

His preparation for the role involved extensive study of archival audio.

"The archive audio was extremely helpful – I’ve never had that kind of material when preparing for a role before," Max explained, highlighting the significance of capturing Morris's authentic voice.

The Bolton News: Max LohanMax Lohan

The experience was not just an acting challenge but a journey into the unknown, with Max saying, "During the filming, I found the real audio of Graham’s voice so spooky, even a little eerie."

"The Enfield Poltergeist", directed by Jerry Rothwell, has been lauded for its attention to detail and its unique perspective on Maurice Grosse's research into the haunting. Critics have appreciated the series for its approach to the supernatural events that unfolded in Enfield.

The series boasts a talented cast, including Olivia Booth-Ford as Janet Hodgson, the young girl at the centre of the haunting, and Christopher Ettridge as Maurice Grosse, the investigator determined to study the paranormal activities.

The series has been praised for offering a deeper insight into the case, including perspectives from sceptics and those directly involved in the events.

Max said his experience on set was shaped by the unique atmosphere created by the director

He said: "Jerry really created an environment where we could all relax and use the space around us."

His degree at MetFilm School included masterclasses with renowned actors like Geoffrey Rush and Stephen Hopkins.

Max credits his degree with instilling a reflective respect for every role in film production.

The Bolton News: Still from the seriesStill from the series

He said: "My degree really cemented that there is no one person more important than the other."

For Max, who also starred in Bodies, which was filmed in his hometown, this project marks a significant milestone in his career, blending his skills in filmmaking and acting to bring to life a complex and haunting real-life story.

The series is now available on Apple TV+ and features a strong representation from MetFilm School, with 21 students and graduates, including Max credited in the production.