Tributes have been paid to a 'kind, talented and wonderful' Bolton artist and actor who has died at the age of just 68.

Elaine Nuttall was a familiar face to many theatre goers having appeared in many productions in her hometown.

She had performed with  Marco Players, Phoenix Theatre, Farnworth Little Theatre, Farnworth Performing Arts, and more - with her daughter Amy Nuttall following in her footsteps to become a professional actor.

Elaine lived in Tonge Moor, Horwich and Lostock, before moving with her family to Hoghton.

Elaine died on October 30 at just 68 following a brain tumour.

The Bolton News: Elaine Nuttall

Those who knew her described her as a ‘kind’, ‘talented’, and ‘wonderful’ person, who was a friend to many.

Amy posted an emotional tribute to her mum, stating: "My mum sadly passed away on 30/10/23, surrounded by her loving family at her home after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma (grade 4) back in July.

"To say it was a shock would be an understatement. She was loved by so many, especially her family and we will love and miss her for an eternity.

"She would love a big send off so please join us if you can… and in your biggest brightest colours (her wishes!) as that’s who she was.

"Colourful, always smiling, and full of fun . Bless my mum . She is at peace now. Love you mummy and hope you are enjoying flying now xxxxx

Paul Cohen, Chairman of Bolton Amateur Theatre Societies said: “It was quite unexpected and happened quite quickly.

“I met Elaine in the play Find the Lady by Farnworth Performing Arts, 12 years ago, where she played an elderly lady, and it was really funny.

“She came with a lot of knowledge and experience and was involved in a lot of productions in Bolton, and a lot of different societies.

The Bolton News: Elaine with Farnworth Performing Arts Company My Fair LadyElaine with Farnworth Performing Arts Company My Fair Lady “She was always willing to help people.

“Elaine was naturally funny and came across so well whatever play she was in.

“She liked to be on stage, and she could do comedies, or something serious.

“She gave a lot of her time and experience, knowledge, and her kindness.

“She was just so kind and fun loving.

“She took people at face value and didn’t make any judgements, and encouraged everybody, bringing new people along and supported them.

“Elaine was a true friend to a lot of people, and she formed some great friendships.

“She will be sadly missed because she has always been there.”

President of Farnworth Performing Arts, Sandra Blythe says Elaine was a mentor to her, and was the type of person to put “you at ease” instantly.

Elaine was also involved behind the scenes and directed some plays.

Sandra said: “She was a mentor because it was my first step into plays and drama.

“I had done musicals, but I was nervous about a drama or comedy.

“She came to help out as a hairdresser in musicals in Farnworth.

“Considering how talented, wonderful, and successful she was, she was a very kind lady.

“She put you at ease straight away.

“She really supported her family.

“Amy came to see some of our plays at Farnworth Little Theatre.

“She supported her mum and Elaine supported anything Amy did.

“She will be really missed and it’s a real shock she died so young.”

Elaine was also an established artist, and helped raise funds for The Octagon Theatre during lockdown, where her daughter has also performed.

She donated hundreds of pounds to support theatres through the pandemic through the sale of her paintings.

Sandra described her paintings as just “out of this world”.

The funeral service will take place on Friday November 17 at Holy Trinity Church, in Hoghton at 1.45pm, followed by a private cremation service.

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