Vernon Kay can expect a warm welcome into Bolton this morning as he finishes his  115 miles gruelling - and sometimes emotional - journey to his hometown.

As well has a big 'party' at Bolton Wanderers Stadium where Zoe Ball will be hosting her breakfast show live, the schools Vernon attending will also be making sure he receives  some Lancashire hospitality.

He be running through his old high school, St Joseph's RC High in Horwich, where there will be a guard of honour. Hundreds of pupils are expected to line the road to greet him.

They will include pupils and staff from St Mary's RC Primary School, also in Horwich.

Headteacher of St Mary’s RC Primary School Dominique Hayes, also went to the same high school as Vernon – St Joseph’s RC High School – and says that they are all really proud of him.

The talented radio broadcaster and TV personality is on his final stage of his four day ultramarathon to his beloved Bolton Wanderers Stadium.

Dominique said: “We are doing everything we can to support him.

“We are really proud of him, and it’s just wonderful what he is doing.

“I went to school with him.

The Bolton News: “And to see him doing something that is so great for children is amazing.

“And he is bringing it back to Bolton.

“I hope the sun shines for him in Bolton.”

Children at the school have all been running a mile to support Vernon.

Vernon has received so much support during his trek, including from his mum Gladys who lives in Horwich.

She filled up on air telling him how proud she was.

And Vernon was simply overwhelmed with emotion after hearing from his parents during his gruelling challenge.

The Bolton News: Vernon Kay speaking to Zoe Ball Breakfast Show - Victoria Park Leicester - credit BBC.jpgThe BBC Radio 2 mid-morning presenter had hoped to save his tears for Friday when he completes the Ultra Ultramarathon, but he was overwhelmed with emotion after already hearing from avid listener Barbara.

He found himself becoming emotional again later on the same day.

His mum Gladys said: “Now listen, you're doing wonderfully.

“Honestly, I can't tell you.

All this love and support you're getting is getting to me.

“I'm so so proud.

“I'm filling up because you know how much you're loved and to hear these comments about you online and listening to all these people lining up for my son, it's just too much.

“I love you.

“Keep going love, because I know how you feel about Children in Need and I know that's the only reason you're doing it, for these children.

“Give my love to all those people who are around you who are keeping you standing up.

"Oh, I love you Vernon, keep it up."

Vernon's dad kept things short and to the point, with some wise words.

Norman said: “Do what your mum says, she's the boss.”

Vernon said: “I’ve been doing that since I was born.

"Oh man, twice [crying] today.

"I said to you I’d save the tears for Friday, but that now has just sent me over the edge.

"My mum crying on the radio because she’s proud.

"That’s something else."

Vernon joked before setting off from Leicester on his trek home that he would pop into his parents for a cuppa after his big homecoming at Bolton Wanderers FC Stadium.

He said: “I can have a cup of tea and a nice pasty when I get there."

He is on his way from Victoria Park in Leicester, recent home of Radio 2 in the Park, to Bolton Wanderers’ football stadium.

This morning at 9.15am Vernon spoke to Zoe on Radio 2’s Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and she revealed the new total that he has raised so far is £1,391,768.

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