A Bolton MP says he “would have voted in favour” of calling for a ceasefire in Gaza if the government had proposed it.

The vote was proposed as an amendment to the King’s Speech on Wednesday evening and called for “all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire.”

Bolton North East Conservative MP Mark Logan abstained on the amendment and says he is aware of how many people in his constituency are calling for a ceasefire but that his position in government did not allow him to vote in its favour.

Mr Logan said: “Yesterday there were a number of opposition party amendments in the King’s Speech debate.

“These amendments touched upon issues relating to both the call for a ceasefire, as well as closely aligned wording around humanitarian pauses.

The Bolton News: Thousands of people have marched in Bolton in support of Palestine in recent weeksThousands of people have marched in Bolton in support of Palestine in recent weeks (Image: Henry Lisowski)

“In Bolton, from multiple meetings with concerned community leaders and the high volume of email correspondence, I understand why many of my constituents have been calling for a ceasefire.

“In Parliament, as your elected representative, I have conveyed this strength of feeling about the crisis directly to the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Minister of State.

“My appointment as Parliamentary Private Secretary in His Majesty’s Government means that I am not permitted to vote for opposition party amendments.

“You will note from public records that I did not vote against a ceasefire last night.

“Had the amendment been a Government amendment, I would of course have voted in favour.”

The conflict that has enveloped Gaza and Southern Israel in recent weeks has deeply affected communities in Bolton, where thousands of people have attended protests calling for a ceasefire.

All three of Bolton’s MPs voted differently when the amendment was put forward on Wednesday evening.

Bolton South East MP Yasmin Qureshi resigned from the Labour frontbench to vote in favour of calling for a ceasefire, while her Conservative counterpart in Bolton West Chris Green voted against.

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But Mr Logan says he will continue to make his constituents’ feelings known to the government.

He said: “I share the sorrow and frustration of what we are seeing on our screens.

“I will continue to let the Prime Minister know that a large number of people in Bolton are calling for a ceasefire.

“I can assure you that the government is listening closely to all the responses that I continue to receive and I will ensure that your views are heard at the highest levels of government.

“The loss of innocent civilian life must stop.

“I will lobby the government, to this end, at every opportunity.”