A 10-year-old boy with a condition leading to extreme fragility of the bones tragically died after his wheelchair toppled over.

An inquest into the death of Ibrahim Sirajudin, who lived on Third Avenue, Heaton, was opened at Bolton Coroners court this week.

The court heard he had been born in 2013 in Bolton.

Police coroners officer Andrew Pickles said: "On 14 November this year his wheel chair toppled over.

"He was drowsy and complained of pain.

"He was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital."

After this he was transferred to the Manchester Children’s Hospital where he was found to have a bleed on the brain.

He died the same day.

An autopsy was not carried out but a consultant gave the cause of death as a result of injuries sustained with an underlying cause of osteogenesis imperfecta type three.

Coroner Professor Alan Walsh adjourned the opening ahead of a full hearing in February next year.