Concerns about a “dark footpath” have been raised after a woman is believed to have been assaulted.

The alleged assault is said to have happened on Mill Street in Westhoughton on October 7 and is believed to have been an “isolated incident.”

CSI were scene around the area and since then residents have reported that they are concerned about how dark area around the footpath has been, which could act as cover for similar potential attacks.

Cllr David Wilkinson, of Westhoughton South, said: “I checked with the police just the other day and they say that their investigation is still ongoing.

“But since we first posted about it, we have a number of enquiries about how dark the footpath can get their and about whether there was anything we could do about street lighting.”

The Bolton News: Cllr Deirdre McGeown has asked Bolton Council about tree pruningCllr Deirdre McGeown has asked Bolton Council about tree pruning (Image: My Westhoughton)

Mill Street, in Westhoughton, is found just off just off Cricketers Way and leads on to Bolton Road in one of the main routes through the town.

Images from the scene of the alleged assault show police tape in place with an officer and a police car at area of the round surrounded by large trees with extensive branches.

Cllr Wilkinson says he and his colleague town Cllr Deirdre McGeown have since been told that the level of street lighting in the area is normal but that pruning the trees should be possible.

He said: “We’ve checked this with the council, and it appears that the distance between the lampposts is standard.

“But we’ve also asked about the council doing some pruning on the trees there to let some more light in.

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“And the last time I was down there were orange markings on some of the trees so it looks like there were getting ready to start pruning.

“They may well have already started since I was there.”

Cllr Wilkinson said that as far as he and his colleagues were aware, the alleged assault was an “isolated incident” but that they understood why people had raised concerns about the path.

Anyone with any further information or concerns can call police on 101 or 999 in the event of an emergency.

Alternatively, witnesses can call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.