A motorist has raised concerns about the lack of signage warning of raised grids on a road while resurfacing work is taking place.

Work is currently taking place on Crompton Way between Astley Bridge and Tonge Moor and multi-way traffic signals are in place.

Due to the works, drain covers are sticking out from the surface, which has caused for concern for drivers due to poor visibility at night, leading to a potential risk of damage to their cars. 

One said: "You literally can't see them until you have hit them. On different journeys I hit them about three to four times. 

"I would have a route because I know where one drain is on the one lane, so I change to the other to avoid that only to hit another one. 

The Bolton News: A drain cover in the worksA drain cover in the works (Image: Public)

"My alloys are £1000 each, I've tested the car this morning, it seems to be driving straight, but alloys do buckle." 

He added: "If you are on a motorbike and hit them, you're off. All they need to do is do some raising - they might have tried to do that but because of the rain it could have been washed away. 

"I appreciate they have got to do it, because it was horrendous, but they should be doing something with these ironworks. 

"They should do something like adding stones properly into ground rather than ones that wash away, or do something, bollard them off. You can't see them until you're on top of them."

The Bolton News: ResurfacingResurfacing (Image: Public)

"I live on the estate near the police station. The other day, with four-way traffic signals, everybody was coming into there to do U-turns. It took me half an hour to get out of the estate, which is only about 100 yards' distance." 

Ward councillor Hilary Fairclough said: "The vast majority of it has been resurfaced, but there is probably from Seymour Road to Blackburn Road junction still to do. 

"I think in fairness he has a point, they do have those plastic plates, I am sure they could put something like that down or better signage saying that there are grids. 

"Often you can't go around them, and in the dark they sort of sneak up on you. 

"One of my main gripes is I think lighting on the roads is pathetic since LEDs were brought in, I do think it is somewhat down to lighting." 

According to Bolton Council, the roadworks are set to be in place until December 8.