A man has been charged following a disturbance at a store in Horwich this week.

A disturbance was reported at the Co-Op on Chorley New Road yesterday morning.

It is understood this took place while police were already visiting the premises.

A police spokesperson said: "A man has been charged after being stopped following reports of a male behaving in a disorderly manner in a store in Chorley New Road, Horwich (16 November)."

Aaron Grossman, 36 and from Chorley New Road, was charged.

He was also later charged for failing to appear at court for road traffic offences.

Grossman was expected to appear at the Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court on Friday.

The Co-Op have declined to comment on the incident.

Last month GMP launched Safer Business Action Week to reaffirm its support for enterprises across the region.

The patrolled well known crime hotspots and spoke to workers about shoplifting and security measures.