A woman was left ‘really shaken up’ after she said she was followed by a vehicle along Haig Road in Bury.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has warned others after the terrifying experience yesterday evening.

Police say they are investigating the reports.

She was walking along Haig Road, Bury at approximately 5.45pm when the car stopped and then slowly drove alongside her for ‘a good length of time’ before being spooked by a passerby walking his dog, who also noticed the car’s suspicious behaviour.

The woman reported the incident that evening.

She says the ordeal was really scary and said: “I’m still really shaken up, if the guy hadn't been there, I dread to think what they could have done!

“I got my keys out of my bag to use as a weapon if they were to grab me.

“The guy walking his dog thought I knew them and was talking to them, but that obviously wasn’t the case- Once they spotted him they made off.”

The woman anonymously posted about the ordeal on facebook to warn others to remain safe.

She has reported the incident to police and says while she doesn’t want to be named, she thinks it’s important to let others know.

After the post, she was contacted by another woman said she had also been followed.

The second woman says she was followed on the same road.

Greater Manchester Police said: “Police were called to reports of suspicious activity on Haig Road in Bury at around 8.49pm on Thursday 16 November 2023.

“No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing.”