Furry friends have set up home at a hospital to help patients recover after a special hutch was built for them.

Two rabbits have joined the team at Alternative Futures Group's mental health hospital in Bolton as part of the 'pet therapy' provided for patients.

Two patients learned how to build a rabbit hutch as part of their recovery.

John and Andy are supported at Alternative Futures Group’s mental health hospital and as part of their package of care, and visit their local Men’s Shed each week where they learn woodwork skills.

Two dwarf Lionhead rabbits have now set up home in the hutches they built.

The Bolton News: The new rabbit hutchThe new rabbit hutch (Image: Alternative Futures Group)

A spokeswoman for Alternative Futures Group said: “The addition of the rabbits, Jeremy, and Hubert, has been a great therapeutic addition to our little community.

“Pet therapy is relaxing for the people we support, and they help to clean and look after the rabbits which helps with independence and the responsibility of having to look after something and compassion for other creatures.

“The hutch is sturdy, well made and a great home for the rabbits.

“It’s given John and Andy a huge sense of achievement and helped them in their recovery journey as great motivation to get out of bed, get out in the community and make things.”


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