One of Lancashire’s most famous haunted houses is unlocking the past by opening new rooms to the public for the first time in seven centuries.

The 14th century house is embracing the 21st century and celebrating the upcoming 700th anniversary with new attractions made possible through funding granted by Biffa Award.

Sharon Jones, Director of Samlesbury Hall said: “This generous funding has allowed us to open The Ghost Room and The Witch’s Garret which are located in the attic of the Hall, for the first time. We have also re-interpreted several of our first floor rooms with new content to expand our engagement with the public”.

The rooms explore the intriguing history of the hall is, using key characters from the past to present a fresh interpretation of history through displays, interactive elements and media.

Jason Karl, Creative Director at AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment said “The Ghost Room presents an imagined ‘moment in time’ which imparts the story using audio, projection and lighting effects, while The Witch’s Garret explores the witchcraft connections with the Hall.

"Working with such a rich tapestry of legend, history and local lore gave us a broad spectrum of content regarding the famous ghost of ‘The Lady in White’. "

The Lady in White is a young women who died of a broken heart after seeing the man she wished to marry be slaughtered in front of her, she is said to float around the corridors, in search of her lost love.

The Ghost Room, The Witch’s Garret and re-interpreted upstairs rooms will be open to the public during the Hall’s normal opening times from Friday 17th November 2023.

Admission is free and donations are welcome. Opening times can be found on the website at