Work to make it easier to cross a junction to help people with visual impairments will begin next week after concerns were raised by residents.

The junction of Market Street and King Street in Westhoughton town centre has previously come under scrutiny after continuous pavement, which connects the two roads, was installed in October. 

Tactile paving, which involves a textured ground surface indicators, will be fitted.

Residents were concerned for safety on the junction, particularly for guide dogs, which are trained to feel for tactile paving and for drivers who would be confused by the layout. 

Work to install the the paving was set to get underway on Saturday, but the council has said there is a "delay with materials", pushing work back by a week. 

Cllr David Chadwick, who represents Westhoughton South, said: "The works are due to begin,whether the weather has an adverse effect is up to the gods. 

The Bolton News: The continuous paving on the junction of King Street and Market Street. The continuous paving on the junction of King Street and Market Street. (Image: Public)

"They have now put give way markings in place, people appreciate why the footpath crosses the junction. Now the give way is before the paving. 

"Hopefully it has helped if not hindered the progress."

He added: "You've got a mishmash of paving that will resolve shortly. The scheme coming forward is to make it a safer junction for pedestrians and cyclists, that is the hope.

"I am pleased that the residents have held their breaths to see what the outcome is." 

Nia Faulder, a wheelchair user who was a Westhoughton resident of 15 years before moving to Leigh this year, said: "We will see what type of tactile paving it will be, it depends what they put in and where they put them in. 

"It can't harm, certainly, and would give people an idea. But you can either make it pedestrianised only or keep the junction as standard, because it wasn't designed to be as they make it now. 

"There is a lot of research to say surfaces shared between cars and pedestrians are more dangerous for disabled people and elderly people.

"They say car drivers should be stopping, as a car driver and having driven on that junction, if you stop to let someone cross you have to stop over the crossing to give way to Market Street." 

The Bolton News: Nia FaulderNia Faulder (Image: Public)

She added: "The trouble is you can't see around what is coming along Market Street because you are not far enough forward. 

"It is OK coming into King Street, but pulling out of it is the issue. You can give way to pedestrians all you like, but you can't decide to make a decision to continue driving safely without blocking the walkway."