A primary school where children ‘flourish’ is on track to become outstanding.

Beaumont Primary School received a glowing report from Ofsted during a recent visit, with inspector Sally Rix finding that pupils ‘arrive smiling each morning, eager to start the day’.

Ms Rix stated: “The positive relationships that they build with staff shine through their interactions. Pupils said that the school puts them at the heart of everything that it does. They are listened to and well cared for.

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“Pupils are curious. They enjoy learning. They behave well so that everyone can achieve their best.”

And she added that given the first-class work being done at school, “the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded inspection’ had been carried out at that time.

Ms Rix explained: “Pupils are curious. They enjoy learning. They behave well so that everyone can achieve their best. To celebrate this, the school bell rings three times if every pupil is on ‘green’ for their positive conduct. Pupils cheer when they hear these bells because they are proud of themselves and of each other. They said that this happens almost every day. Pupils strive to help others.”

All pupils, including those with additional educational needs, were said to ‘achieve highly’ with the school being “fiercely ambitious for all pupils”.

Headteacher Stacey Postle said: “The inspection report reflects our dedication, showing that we are well on our way to achieving an outstanding rating — a testament to the unwavering commitment of our pupils, staff, and governors. It was particularly gratifying to hear the inspector highlight that there were ‘no areas for improvement’ and encourage us to maintain this exceptional standard going forward.

The Bolton News: Beaumont Primary School celebrating excellent Ofsted

“A special acknowledgement goes to our dedicated governors, who have worked tirelessly to support and challenge with care. Their sharp focus on school development was duly recognised in the report.

“This achievement is the result of a true team effort, and it comes at an opportune moment following our success in SATs results and being honoured as the Bolton News School of the Year.

“Our town is home to many schools delivering quality education daily, even under challenging circumstances, making my role feel more manageable and fulfilling.”

Chair of governing body Susan Leach’s said: “I am incredibly proud of Beaumont Primary School’s achievements, Mrs Postle and the team have worked tirelessly to ensure ‘Children are at the Heart of Everything they do’ and the Ofsted inspector certainly saw that.”

The Bolton News: Beaumont Primary School celebrating excellent Ofsted

Pupil Halimah Arshad, 11, said: “When I met the Ofsted inspector, she was interested in how we learn in science and I told her that ‘Beaumont is the place to be, to let little learners brains grow’ because my knowledge of science is fantastic.

“My teachers are kind and they care so much and they always make lessons exciting and as much fun as possible.”

Classmate Zak Dean, 10, said: “To be a part of this school fills me with pride. I love coming to school everyday and I think that children are Beaumont are so lucky because it is a really special place.”