A father has told of his shock as he watched a car crash into his shop right in front of him. 

Having only been open for four months, Sweet Revenge Coffee and Cakes in Blackrod is a recent addition to the shopping parade on Black Horse Street. 

Partners Simon Woodhead and Natasha Jenkins had co-ran their cake business for seven years, before making the decision this year to open a coffee shop. 

But today, Wednesday, November 22, a passing car crashed into the shop front, right in front of Simon. 

He said: "We had opened as normal today, it had been a quiet day, a few of our regulars were in there. 

"Then at around 1.45pm, one of our customers got a takeaway coffee, she was an elderly customer who was struggling, so I said I will walk you back to your flat around the corner. 

The Bolton News: The crashThe crash (Image: Sweet Revenge)

"We had our dog there so I took the dog out too and got her home safely. As I was walking back, I turned the corner and as I got to the shop next door, a car went straight in front and straight through the shop, I don't know how it didn't hit the dog. 

"I knew before I left that our four-year-old daughter was in there, she was at the table the other side of the door. I got through the car to make sure she was okay, luckily her nan had pulled her to safety." 

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He added: "People were crowded around and stopped her, but I'm not sure if she was in shock or what. 

"She got out of the car and it went on from there, everybody called the police. 

"It is one of those moments, the ifs and what could have happened. Luckily everybody is safe and sound. 

The Bolton News: The damage to the shop, which had only been open for four monthsThe damage to the shop, which had only been open for four months (Image: Sweet Revenge)

"It is more the shock. It's a multitude of things, if I had been two seconds quicker walking, it would have been me. If my daughter had been sat slightly to one side. 

"We have only been open for four months, it is crippling, we have put our lives into this shop." 

Simon says that builders have been out to partially repair the front of the shop, with its shutters now able to be pulled down. 

He said: "We will have to close tomorrow, as there is still glass inside - we welcome dogs and children, so we need to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned out. 

"Hopefully we will be able to return on Friday. It has been repaired enough to be able to open, but it is all one frame, so the whole shop front has to be done, those are the words of the builder. 

"The community come, elderly people, our regular people have said it is lifesaving because it is somewhere to escape. We want to get open as soon as possible, for our customers really." 

The Bolton News have contacted police.