Police officers have explained why motorists should not park on zig zag road markings ­after spotting a number of drivers parking their cars on the lines.

Two cars were spotted parked illegally in Westhoughton and one in Radcliffe on the same night.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police Bolton West said: "Whilst out and about in Westhoughton, officers from the Bolton West team spotted vehicles parked on zig zag lines at the crossing on Manchester Road.

"Parking on these lines impairs the sight of drivers in oncoming vehicles as it makes people using the crossing harder to see, causing a hazard to road users and pedestrians.

"Two traffic offences issued to the owners of the vehicles."

Radcliffe Neighbourhood officers had just held a community meeting with residents when they spotted the car parked illegally.

A spokesman for GMP Bury South said: "Radcliffe Neighbourhood Policing Team having just left a community meeting whereby residents raised concerns about drivers illegally parking and speeding in the area, came across this, vehicle parked on white zig zag lines by the pedestrian crossing on Ainsworth Road, Radcliffe.

"Blocking crossings puts pedestrians at risk and can get you three points and fined.

"Traffic offence report issued.

The Highway Code states: “The approach to, and exit from, a pedestrian crossing is marked with zigzag lines. It also means that you must not park on them or overtake the leading vehicle when approaching the crossing. Parking here would block the view for pedestrians and the approaching traffic."