A motion is set to be put forward for Bolton Council to call on the town’s university not to change its name.

The University of Bolton sparked a major debate earlier this year when it announced that it was planning to apply to change its name to “The University of Greater Manchester.”

Opinion has been divided on the scheme and Cllr Roger Hayes, leader of the borough’s Liberal Democrat group, now plans to put a motion to Bolton Council urging the Deane Road university to “think again.”

His motion says: “Council notes with concern that the University of Bolton is planning a change of name which removes the name of Bolton from its title.

“Council puts on record that it believes that the change would have a negative impact on the Borough and is doubtful that there would be any advantages for the students.

The Bolton News: The Deane Road based University of BoltonThe Deane Road based University of Bolton (Image: University of Bolton)

“Council urges the University to think again and retain its present name.”

Both the borough’s Labour council leader Cllr Nick Peel and Conservative opposition leader Cllr Martyn Cox had expressed reservations about the proposal.

Cllr Peel has said “his preference” would be for Bolton to be kept within the title, Cllr Cox has said he felt people in the town may have been “disappointed” at dropping its name.

But speaking to the Bolton News in September, the university’s vice chancellor Professor George E Holmes said that the institution and its students’ futures could benefit from the name change.

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He said at the time: “I think the important thing is we are based in Bolton, we are staying in Bolton and this is about strengthening Bolton.”

He added: “This process is going to take more than a year so it’s not a fait accompli, it’s a consultation that’s ongoing and we’re wedded to Bolton, its future and its past.”

Professor Holmes also confirmed that current students and those who enrol before the rebrand takes place, if it proceeds, will have the choice of being recognised as graduates of either the University of Bolton or Greater Manchester.

The motion is set to be debated at a full meeting of Bolton Council on Wednesday November 29.