A bright moon halo has caught the eye of many this evening, with some taking to social media asking what 'the ring of light' is.

A halo around the moon appears when a thin layer of cirrus cloud made up of ice crystals moves across the sky.

The Bolton News: Moon Halo captured above Bury this evening

Refraction of the light by the ice crystals causes the halo to form.


Many have been posting pictures of the natural phenomena on social media.


One said: "Check out the moon halo in the sky right now!

"Looks amazing, and Jupiter is just to the right.


"There have been so many wonderful pictures posted across Twitter."

Website Space.Com states: "This striking and often beautiful halo around the moon is caused by the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. 

"The effect is so striking that it has given rise to a wealth of folklore and superstition, and was used not entirely unsuccessfully used to predict the onset of bad weather."