A call is set to go out to make “play for all” a reality for disabled children in parks all across Bolton.

Bolton Council runs public parks all over the borough, many of which have play areas for children but not all of which are equipped to make sure they are accessible for children with disabilities.

Cllr Adele Warren, of Breightmet, has now put forward a motion to the authority to look at what can be done to make sure play equipment is accessible to children with issues like these.

Her statement said: “Play is for all. The creation of accessible and inclusive play space within our parks is essential.”

The Bolton News: The motion is set to be debated at Bolton Town HallThe motion is set to be debated at Bolton Town Hall (Image: Newsquest)

She added: “Every child has the right to rest, play and leisure and to participate freely.

“Parks are the centre of our communities and should be accessible for all.

“I have been contacted by parents of disabled children in Breightmet who have asked why the parks in Bolton are not inclusive for their children to play.”

Cllr Warren’s motion cites disability and equality legislation in the UK which calls on public authorities to make sure that “reasonable adjustment” is made to make sure facilities like parks are available for everyone.

She also cited the United Nations Convention on the Right of a Child, which states that every disabled child and young person has the right to a full life and active participation in the community.

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The motion calls for a Policy Development Group to be formed by Bolton Council to “assess the inclusivity and accessibility of our parks and play equipment and to put policies in place which would mean that any replacement of equipment would be with equipment that is inclusive to all.”

If approved this could see equipment across the borough gradually replaced with materials that are better designed to be used by children with disabilities.

Policy Development Groups are aimed at looking at issues like these in more depth and examining what kinds of policies the council can put in place to help deal with them.

Cllr Warren’s motion is expected to be put to a full meeting of Bolton Council on Wednesday November 29.