A 'loving' mum of four was tragically found dead at age of just 36-years-old.

Selena Jayne Blackhurst, of Pendlebury Street, in Astley Bridge, was found at a property on Watersmead Close by a neighbour on April 29 this year.

An inquest into her death at Bolton Coroners Court heard the flat was "known locally as a drugs den" and she had been staying there for around three weeks.

Mother Joanne Dixon told the inquest:  “She always denied that she used drugs.

“I was always concerned about Selena while she was at the house, but she would say stop interfering.”

Dr Patrick Waugh gave the medical cause of death as congestive cardiac failure, contributed to by obesity, and cocaine, whilst it was not causative, it was a “contributory factor”.

Dr Waugh said: “She had an enlarged heart for her age and height, occurring over months to years.

“The probable cause of that is probably obesity.

“She had fluid in her lungs, and that’s an indication she had heart failure, meaning that the heart wasn’t pumping blood around the body properly.

“Cocaine can be a toxin to the heart regardless of the level and can cause spasms.

“She was at risk of sudden death even if she hadn’t used cocaine.”

Assistant Coroner Simon Nelson said: “Sadly Miss Blackhurst died as a consequence of naturally occurring heart failure, contributed to by illicit drugs use.”

Detective Inspector Ruth Atherton told the hearing that a neighbour initially became concerned for Selena’s welfare, after not seeing her since the previous evening.

Emergency services were called after Selena was discovered, and paramedics attempted CPR, but were unsuccessful.

Det Insp Atherton says that there was “intelligence that cannabis was being delivered from the address”, and upon a search, cannabis was found along with empty snapped bags other drug paraphernalia, and a quantity of cash.

Selena had planned to go to Bingo with her mum to celebrate her mum’s 60th birthday but cancelled and said she would take her out on Sunday April 30, but she tragically died before she could.

Joanne said that she did not know at any point that Selena was taking ‘illicit drugs’ because she told her she was not, and she “believed her” because she ‘was her child’.

She said: “I did my best to cope with her and she was loved by people who knew her, and she will be very sadly missed.”

She attended Chalfront Primary Community School and went to Sharples High School.

After leaving school she occasionally helped her mum out when she was at work.

Speaking after the inquest Joanne said: “She was a good mother, and she did her best.

“She came from a loving family.”

According to GP notes she had been given contact information for Achieve Recovery Services.

Mr Nelson gave a short narrative conclusion and said: “Selena died from natural causes to which her use of illicit drugs was a contributory factor.

“The loss of a child I particularly difficult for a mother to bare, and I have seen how upset you have been during the course of this inquiry today.

“I hope you can recall some of the better times you will have had with your daughter Selena.

“I extend my condolences to you and the family.”

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