The Northern Lights, also known as the AUrora borealis could be seen tonight and tomorrow in Bolton.

The stunning display of lights could be cast over the town visible to the naked eye where skies are clear albeit briefly.

The light phenomenon was seen in Bolton and across the country over the weekend..

If you didn't see them, they could appear again tonight.

According to alerts by Aurora Watch UK, the northern lights could be seen tonight and tomorrow.

The MET Office explains that it takes an extreme geomagnetic storm for the lights to usually be seen over the skies in the UK.

The lights were seen in Bolton on Saturday.

Several people reported seeing the natural light show on Saturday - including Camera Club member Mark Hainey who shot this stunning image from Westhoughton.

The Bolton News: "Aurora Borealis" looking out to Rivington

He wrote: "Aurora Borealis looking out to Rivington. It's blasting away overhead, pinks, purples and green."

To see the lights, it must be a clear sky with no cloud cover, and no light pollution.

It comes as over the weekend, people captured the bright with many questioning what it was.

Yesterday night, people captured the beaver moon, a full moon phenomenon.

The beaver moon rose up to light the night sky in Bolton and many people caught beautiful photographs of it.

Lynne Makinson-Walsh caught sight of it and took a picture from Bolton.

The Bolton News: Lynne Makinson-WalshLynne Makinson-Walsh (Image: Lynne Makinson-Walsh)

She said: “I didn’t know there was such a thing as a beaver moon, but I happened to look up when I got home, and was struck by how stunning the sky was, framed by the trees at the edge of our garden.

“It just goes to show how easily we can see the beauty of nature literally on our doorstep.”

Other people posted their pictures in the Bolton News Camera Club marvelling at the beauty of the beaver moon.

The beaver moon is when the moon is illuminated around 50 percent by the sun, and this light makes the full moon like a light orb in the sky with more light than usual.