Visitors to the town centre have been awed by the opening of the spectacular “Put Big Light On” festival.

The incredible sights appeared around Victoria Square on Thursday evening with the space in front of the town hall playing host to Bolton’s own Arora Borealis.

The Central Library and Museum on Le Mans Crescent is also host to the moon exhibition.

The Bolton News: Borealis in Victoria SquareBorealis in Victoria Square (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Klare Grubczynski, who was walking through the square with daughter Isabell, said: “It’s just dead good, we didn’t event know it was going to be on.

“But we’ll definitely be coming back and bringing the kids tomorrow night!”

The Bolton News: Klare Grubczynski and daughter Isabell were thrilled by the displayKlare Grubczynski and daughter Isabell were thrilled by the display (Image: Henry Lisowski)

They were far from alone in being bowled over by the amazing spectacle.

Grandparents Frank and Dorothy Brown, who live locally in Bolton, said that they couldn’t wait to bring their grandchildren to see the sights for themselves.

Frank said: “It’s amazing, we’ve just been for a look at the moon, and they’ve done such a good job on it.”

Dorothy agreed that the Northern Lights display was more interesting than the normal light switch on events held in many other towns and said she particularly enjoyed the “calm atmosphere.”

The Bolton News: Frank and Dorothy Brown captivated by the lightsFrank and Dorothy Brown captivated by the lights (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Kate and John Greenhalgh with daughter Phoebe were another family to enjoy the spectacle around the town centre.

Kate said: “Its just a really cool thing to have in the town centre, it’s something a bit different.”

John agreed that this was exactly the kind of event that shows what Bolton has to offer.

The Bolton News: The astonishing Moon MuseumThe astonishing Moon Museum (Image: Henry Lisowski)

He said: “Its one of those things were obviously a lot of people are being negative about the town centre but here they’ve really tried to do something positive and it’s turned out really well.”

Borealis, created by Dan Archer, will be on display from 4pm until 10pm until Saturday, and from Thursday, December 7 to Saturday, December 9.

The Bolton News: John and Kate Greenhalgh with daughter Phoebe enjoying the incredible sightsJohn and Kate Greenhalgh with daughter Phoebe enjoying the incredible sights (Image: Henry Lisowski)

The display was opened at a ceremony held at the museum were visitors got the chance to see the moon up close and hear about how it could help bring more and more people in to the town centre.

The Museum of the Moon, created by artist Luke Jerram, will be on display from 4pm until 10pm across the same six nights as Borealis, then 2pm until 8pm on December 10 to 21.

The Bolton News: Installations have been put up around the town centreInstallations have been put up around the town centre (Image: Henry Lisowski)

Mayor of Bolton Cllr Mohammed Ayub said he hoped this would spark of a lasting interest in astrology and lunar exploration amongst children.

He said: “This will be great for children so we hope that everyone will come and see it.

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“It’s a really great reflection of the moon so I hope young people especially take the chance to see it.”

Council cabinet member for culture Cllr Nadeem Ayub said he hoped the spectacular displays would dovetail with wider plans for the borough.

He said: “It’s great to see so many people here from across all ages groups and all sorts of backgrounds across our diverse communities.”

He added: “Our cultural strategy will of course act alongside the regeneration of the town centre in making Bolton town centre a more attractive place to visit and will help to bring more families and young people in as well.”