Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officers are patrolling the "Put Big Light On" festival in the town centre for the next two weeks.

The "Put Big Light On" festival officially started last night in Bolton town centre, with the people of Bolton coming out to enjoy the beautiful lights.

GMP officers will be patrolling every night the festival takes place.

A force spokesman said: "Officers are patrolling the 'Put Big Light On' festival in Bolton town centre, which is taking place from Thursday to Saturday for the next two weeks.

“Come down for a variety of activities – more details on”

The Bolton News: GMP

On Thursday, November 30, crowds gathered in Bolton town centre to see the Auroa Borealis display, Borealis, created by Dan Archer, will be on display from 4pm until 10pm until Saturday, and from Thursday, December 7 to Saturday, December 9.

The Central Library and Museum on Le Mans Crescent is also host to the moon exhibition.

The Museum of the Moon, created by artist Luke Jerram, will be on display from 4pm until 10pm across the same six nights as Borealis, then 2pm until 8pm on December 10 to 21.

Police officers will be ensuring the safety of the event and public during the event days with nightly patrols.