Just one bank has survived a wave of closures across an area of Bolton, according to recently released figures.

The figures show that more than 90 per cent of banks have closed in Bolton West since 2015, leaving the NatWest on Lee Lane, Horwich as the last surviving outlet.

It was revealed earlier this year that even this final bank is soon to be closed and replaced with a “banking hub".

Bolton West Labour candidate Phil Brickell said: “For too long, the Conservatives have looked the other way as bank branches have closed and our high streets have been neglected.

“By fixing business rates and tackling anti-social behaviour, Labour will ensure towns across Bolton West can thrive once again.”

The Bolton News: The NatWest on Lee Lane, HorwichThe NatWest on Lee Lane, Horwich (Image: Google Maps)

Research carried out Mr Brickell’s party found that a total of 92.3 per cent of banks had closed in the Bolton West area in the period since 2015.

They claim that accelerating the roll out of “banking hubs” will help reverse the decline of high streets in towns like Horwich, Westhoughton and others around Bolton West.

Shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds said: ”Labour will put an end to boarded up premises and ghost high streets with our plan to bring banks back to the high street, fix business rates, tackle empty properties and get police back on the beat on your high street.”

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But Bolton West’s sitting Conservative MP Chris Green has previously spoken out about the state of banking in his constituency and has said before that banks have had to react to changes to the industry like the rise of online banking.

Now he has said that banking hubs like those proposed by the government can help address the lack of traditional banks on high streets around Bolton.

Mr Green said: “Banking hubs have opened up the length and breadth of the United Kingdom and the government has been working with the banking sector to make sure that our communities have access to these vital services.”

He added: “I’m glad that Labour Party policy is finally catching up with the government."