Residents across Greater Manchester are being invited to share their thoughts around children’s healthy living, as childhood obesity rates continue to rise across the region.

"The Real Picture" survey commissioned by NHS Greater Manchester (NHS GM) asks people living and working across the ten boroughs including Bolton to share their thoughts on what’s really behind the rise, with latest figures suggesting 39 percent of children living in Greater Manchester are overweight or obese by the time they get to year six and 22 percent by reception.

The survey, accessed via will be used to inform a wide range of partners within the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership including NHS GM, local authorities, the voluntary sector and charities, health professionals and beyond.

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It will be engaging town planners, sports coaches, teachers, retailers, and many others to help identify ideas, initiatives and interventions that resonate with residents and children and ensure a lasting and positive change towards happier, healthier lives.

Jane Pilkington, director of population health at NHS Greater Manchester, said: “Although individual motivations play a role in accessing food and maintaining a healthy weight, we know there are several contributing factors to the increased risk of overweight and unhealthy children in Greater Manchester – many of which influenced by the environments that people move through every day.”