A driver hit a man with her car - leaving him unconscious in the road with a fractured skull - before failing to stop and driving home. 

Carer Linda McWilliams, 63, was driving along Hulme Road, Bolton, in her Ford Fiesta on the evening of January 13 when the collision happened.

But McWilliams, of Pemberton Street, Little Hulton, failed to stop and drove back home. 

Having previously pleaded guilty to causing injury by careless driving and refusing to stop at the scene of an incident, McWilliams was sentenced for the offences at Bolton Crown Court on Monday, December 4. 

Prosecuting, Kate Gaskell said: "On January 13 this year, the complainant had been out with friends socialising and was going home. Making his way across Hulme Road, he was hit by a Ford Fiesta. 

"The driver drove away from the scene. Members of the public came to his aid. 

"From CCTV footage, the driver responsible was tracked from the beginning of their journey, and they were found to be McWilliams." 

She was arrested on January 14 and gave a "no comment" interview to police, but pleaded guilty to the offences at a later stage. 

Ms Gaskell added: "Immediately after he was taken to A&E at Salford Royal, and was found to have suffered rib fractures and extensive skull fractures." 

A victim personal statement said: "Through no fault of my own, my life changed in an instant. 

"I don't understand how someone can hit another person with their car, drive away and leave them." 

His mum and partner had to cancel a holiday as they did not want to be away if anything happened to him following the crash, and his brother, who lives in Germany, flew over to see him. 

He is now also unable to drive due to his injuries, an ability he needs for his job in Liverpool. 

The statement added: "It happened close to where I live - I feel anxious crossing the road. I struggle with large groups of people and social situations. 

"I was a popular, outgoing person. I hope to get back to my old self, but at the moment it seems a long way off."

Defending, Colin Buckle said: "Ms McWilliams is deeply remorseful. Ms McWilliams is 63 and is sat in the dock for the first time, and has herself relived this every day and has also had to live for a considerable period knowing she may be sent to prison. 

"The punishment she has is every day she has woken and gone to bed with this incident in her mind. 

"Not only concern for herself but concern for and acknowledgement of the level of injury caused to the complainant. 

"The complainant does appear from between two parked cars. The stopping distance is more than sufficient, but (the collision happens) because of perhaps a lack of attention or distraction." 

Sentencing, Recorder Jon Close said: "On January 13, you drove through a residential area at 7pm, the complainant was crossing the road and you drove your Ford Fiesta into him. 

"It must have been obvious to you there was a pedestrian in the road, as we saw brake lights come on from your car on the video. The fact you have hit someone is bad enough.

"But you hit him, you left him unconscious in the street and you drove off. It is fortunate indeed that other members of the public had greater empathy than you, because other people went to help him. 

"He was in dark clothing lying in the road. The next car that came along would have done untold damage." 

He added: "What you did after impact was clearly thought out, prolonged and quite clearly shameful. It was an act of unspeakable cowardice." 

McWilliams was sentenced to 30 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. She was also given a two-year driving disqualification.