A Bolton primary school where "pupils are happy" and are "eager to drive positive change" has been praised by the education watchdog.

St. Bede CE Primary Academy was visited by a team of Ofsted inspectors who graded the school "good" in all areas for the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years provision.

Inspectors have praised the Morris Green Lane school for a number of reasons.

The Ofsted report said: “Pupils are happy at school. They know that they have a voice and that adults listen to them.

“Pupils are eager to drive positive change in the community and are well prepared to be responsible citizens.”

Inspectors added: “Pupils know exactly how staff expect them to behave.

“They follow the school’s ‘seven Ss’ by moving around the building sensibly and with a ready smile.

“In this way, pupils help to create a quiet and orderly environment.

“Pupils understand that they are expected to give their best in lessons.

“They rise to the school’s high expectations of their achievement. They listen attentively and they show respect to their teachers and to each other.”

“The school has revitalised its curriculum over recent years.

“Starting in the early years, the school has purposefully designed pupils’ learning to build well from year to year in all subjects.”

The report added: “Staff throughout the school are attuned to pupils’ different needs. They identify the additional needs of pupils with SEND swiftly and accurately.

“Staff use their expertise to make careful adaptations to their delivery of the curriculum to enable these pupils to learn well.”

The lead inspector concluded: “The school’s programme to support pupils’ personal development is well thought out.

“Pupils embrace the wide range of experiences on offer to them. Pupils show care and compassion for others.

“They display positive attitudes to learning and are keen to do well. This is reflected in their regular attendance at school.”

The Ofsted inspection report also said there is room for improvement.

The report said: “In some subjects, the school does not ensure that checks on pupils’ learning provide teachers with the information that they need to identify and address pupils’ missing or insecure knowledge.

“This means that some pupils’ misunderstandings or gaps in knowledge occasionally go unchecked.

“The school should ensure that staff check exactly what pupils know and understand so that they learn more effectively over time.

“The school has not put in place strong enough systems to assure the quality of the curriculum in a small number of subjects.

“As a result, there is some unevenness in how well the curriculum is implemented in these subjects.

“The school should check that teachers are delivering subject curriculums equally well and provide appropriate support where this is not the case.”

Headteacher Anna Black said: “We are delighted with the findings of the report as it a true reflection of the school’s current position and captures life at St. Bede so well.

“The report highlights our strong pupil culture as well as the hard work and commitment by staff to plan and implement a carefully designed curriculum that builds pupils’ knowledge in an age-appropriate way.

“I am immensely proud of our pupils, their families, our dedicated staff and the community we serve, and I would like to thank them all for their continued support.”

St. Bede is a member of The Quill C of E Trust, which also includes Tonge Moor Primary Academy.

CEO of the trust, Sarah Bagshaw, said: “As CEO of the trust and St. Bede CE Primary Academy, I am incredibly proud of our children and staff.

“I am also grateful for the continued support of our Church, parents, and carers within our community.

“The report from Ofsted really does celebrate the fantastic things that they, as a team, have achieved.

“We will continue to build on these strong foundations and are currently working on our next exciting ‘digital strategy’ project, where every child will have an individual iPad to use in school and at home, to further enhance their learning opportunities.”

Chief operating officer of the trust, Sarah Rostron, said: “I am delighted to be part of the St Bede team.

“Together, under the leadership of Mrs Black, the staff, governors, pupils, parents, and community members have worked tirelessly to support, enable and challenge; ensuring that our pupils get the very best start in their education.

“We are thrilled with the outcome and comments from the Ofsted inspectors and are excited to continue our improvement journey, with the support of our whole school community.”

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