A "loving" dad from Bolton died after struggling with his health for years, an inquest has heard. 

Darren Lancaster, of Jameston Rise, Horwich, died aged 52 on June 9 this year. 

On Tuesday, Bolton Coroners' Court was told that Greater Manchester Police officers were called to his address on the evening of June 8 after a concern for his welfare. 

Mr Lancaster was found suffering a cardiac arrest and was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital by paramedics, but died a few hours later. 

His brother, Paul Lancaster, told the inquest how he "loved football", being a Liverpool fan, and also enjoyed horse racing. 

He said: "(He was) a loving family member, including as an uncle to (Paul's) children. He loved them and would often watch them play football. 

Paul added that Darren kept in contact with his three adult children, although it had been difficult when they moved out of the local area. 

He visited his brother three times a week at his flat and they would speak daily, the inquest heard. 

Mr Lancaster had also planned to go abroad with a friend in February. 

Paul told the inquest how his brother was forced to have his leg amputated when he was aged 14, before his other leg was also amputated later in life, due to health issues. 

He was able to "get around as best he could", despite being wheelchair-bound, but suffered greatly with pain, particularly in his back. 

Paul said his brother "couldn't enjoy life because of the pain and being wheelchair-bound", that "it would take him a lot of time and effort to get up and out of bed in the morning" and that Darren "struggled with activities and daily living".

Police coroners officer Rachel O'Driscoll told the court: "On June 8, police were called by his family saying that he had taken an overdose. 

"Police and North West Ambulance Service were called, and upon arrival the ambulance service found him to be in cardiac arrest. 

"He was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, and despite medical intervention his health continued to decline." 

Following this, Mr Lancaster was pronounced dead in the early hours of June 9. 

Dr Andrew Coates, a pathologist at the Royal Bolton Hospital, found that his cause of death was toxicity from a type of medication. 

Toxicologist Kerry Taylor found that the level of the medication in his blood was more than 10 times the fatal dose. 

Karen Houghton-Rushdi, a Greater Manchester mental health advanced clinical practitioner told the inquest of his struggles with his mental health, including anxiety. 

Coroner Peter Sigee concluded Mr Lancaster's death as having been a suicide.

He said: "Darren Lancaster died at Royal Bolton Hospital on June 9 this year, aged 52. 

"Mr Lancaster suffered with pain and immobility after amputation to both legs. 

"On the evening of June 8, he deliberately overdosed with the intention of ending his life. 

"Paramedics attended his home and he was taken to hospital, but efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful."

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