Jobs have been saved at a vehicle manufacturer that had fallen into administration.

Last month, WN Vtech, based on Wigan Road at Hart Common in Westhoughton, announced that it had called in administrators after “experiencing challenges” in its supply chain.

This had prompted widespread concerns about jobs, but administrators have now announced that the firm will be bought by companies owned by Belgian entrepreneur Guido Dumarey.

Teneo joint administrator Daniel Smith said: “We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Dumarey.

“The transaction has secured the transfer of over 450 jobs located across the North.

The Bolton News: Treka, a minibus manufacturer in Bradford, is a subsidiary company Treka, a minibus manufacturer in Bradford, is a subsidiary company (Image: Google Maps)

“We wish the business, its staff and its new owners every success in the future.”

The Westhoughton-based WN Vtech Group manufactures vehicles and specialises in EV and alternative fuels and owns several smaller subsidiary firms around the country.

Formerly known as Woodall Nicholson, the company and its subsidiaries work on a range of vehicles including zero-emission buses and ceremonial cars.

Its subsidiaries also work to build specialist vehicles for the emergency services, such as ambulances.

They include WN Vtech Limited, Treka Bus Limited, Vehicle Conversion Specialists Limited, Promech Technologies Limited; and JM Engineering (Scarborough) Limited.

Bradford-based Treka Bus Limited has been called the largest dedicated ambulance and police vehicle factory in the UK.

In November this year the company announced that Teneo Financial Advisory Limited had appointed Daniel Smith and Julian Heathcote as joint administrators.

Speaking after the announcement was made Cllr David Wilkinson, of Westhoughton South, said he was worried by the news given that many people nearby were likely to be employed there.

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He also said that he knew the company had been involved in customising vehicles in the area for many years and so was troubled by its potential loss.

But the companies continued to trade as normal during the administration process and on Thursday, December 7 it was confirmed that a buyer had been found for most of WN Vtech Group’s operations.

These include Coleman Milne, VCS Police, Mellor Bus, Treka Bus, Promech, and JM Engineering.

The buyer Mr Dunmarey, owner of the Dunmarey Group, is well known for his work on the European automotives scene.