A warning has gone out about flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

Various areas around Horwich have been affected after the rainfall over Saturday December 9 caused water levels to rise on the Pearl Brook.

Rivers levels returned to normal over Saturday afternoon but people have been warned that further heavy rain may yet cause them to rise again.

A statement from the government flood warning service said: “River levels are now returning to normal on the Pearl Brook.

“However, further heavy rainfall is forecast this afternoon and evening which may cause river levels to rise again.

“We are clearing debris from weed screens in the area.

“We will continue to monitor the situation.”

The service frequently gives flood warnings around the country at times of particularly heavy rain.

According the government’s service, the flood warning area affects around Horwich town centre from Bridge Street and Old Station Park to the M61.

It also affects homes and businesses on Winter Hey Lane, Mason Street and adjoining roads including St. John Street, New Brunswick Street, Emmett Street, Taylor Street and Chorley New Road.

An updated message about flood warnings will be issued at 10am on the morning on Sunday December 10 or as the situation changes.