Flood warnings have gone out amid rising river levels due to heavy rainfall.

The government’s flood warning service said on Saturday December 9 that river levels were high along the River Irwell.

This could effect areas across Rossendale, Bury and Bolton.

A statement from the government’s flood warning service said: “Rainfall is forecast across the Irwell catchment throughout Saturday and into Sunday.

“The heaviest of the rain will occur early this evening from around 5pm until around midnight.

“Flooding of low lying land and roads is possible from around 8pm on December 9 2023.

“River levels are remaining high on the River Irwell due to rainfall.

“Areas most at risk include low lying land and roads around the Rivers Beal, Roch and Croal, Limy Water and their tributaries.

“Our duty officer are closely monitoring the situation and will update you when the forecast changes.

“Our operational teams are out clearing debris screens to minimise potential blockages and flow restriction.”

The flooding could be set to affect areas across the Rivers Beal, Roch and Croal, Limey Water and their tributaries.

Other areas which could be affected are around Farnworth, Whitefield, Little Lever, Radcliffe, Bury, Heywood, Whitworth and Bacup.

The government’s message will be updated on Sunday or as the situation changes.