A huge tree that was blown over during Storm Elin has been moved in Horwich.

Last night. motorists were warned after several trees in the borough fell victim to high-speed winds from Storm Elin.

One of these included a huge tree that had been completely uprooted on Chorley New Road, near Regent Road.

The Bolton News: Fallen Tree, Chorley New Road

Since its fall, parts of the tree have been cut away and moved to the side, presumably to clear the main road.

However, due to its size, the bulk of the tree remains on the pavement, blocking pedestrian access on one side of the road

The Bolton News: Fallen tree on Chorley New Road

A resident who lives nearby Chorley New Road said: “I’m surprised it has taken this long really for a tree to come down in this weather.”

He added: “There’s a fair few big trees round there so that you’d imagine that’ll cause quite a big blockage.”

Yesterday, Bolton was placed under a yellow warning for wind and rain.

Horwich was put on a red alert for flooding, this has since been changed to a regular alert which means flooding is possible, but no longer expected.   

The Bolton News: Fallen Tree, Chorley New Road

From 5pm today, Bolton will be on a yellow weather warning for rain which will last until 3am tomorrow, Monday.