Proposed changes to controversial plans to build a house have been thrown out after a town hall meeting.

The new two bedroom house on Barnfield Close, Egerton had first been given the green light after an appeal in 2022, having been refused four times before hand.

But the town hall heard this week how proposed changes to the plans would have increased the house’s footprint by nearly a third of its size, prompting several letters of objections from people nearby.

Cllr Samantha Connor, of Bromley Cross, said: “Now the footprint has increased by 32 per cent since going to appeal.

"Clearly from the number of objections there is huge opposition to this.”

The Bolton News: The vote was taken at Bolton Town HallThe vote was taken at Bolton Town Hall (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Connor argued before a meeting of Bolton Council's planning committee that the house would have a “massive impact” on the nearby area.

Work on the house had stopped in August of this year after the council’s planning enforcement team became involved.

It was set to be built within the garden of an existing house and had been reduced from three planned bedrooms to two after the previous rejections.

Speaking at the time, one nearby resident said: "It has just been a complete nightmare.

"The wall in front of the house, they call it the 'Great Wall of Egerton.'"

Since then, proposed changes but forward for approval include a two-storey element at the front, a single storey element to the side together, rear facing dormer and changes to the parking layout.

But this has provoked 11 letters of objection sent in on behalf of 25 people.

Cllr Connor argued that applications like this showed the importance of allowing planning committee members to visit sites for themselves before decisions were made.

Cllr Andy Morgan, of Heaton, Lostock and Chew Moor, agreed that it would be better for committee members to be able to ask for site visits.

He also asked why these proposed changes had not been part of the original bid.

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But Richard Pike, speaking in support of the proposals, said no planning policies had been breached.

He said: “I think it’s a very minor situation and I don’t understand the level of objections.”

Turning to the previous cases where plans were turned down, he added: “Political support was gained from objectors and that was the reason behind refusal.”

Ultimately, the committee members voted unanimously to refuse the plans.