Here is how Bolton MPs voted following last night's Rwanda immigration bill. 

The Safety of Rwanda Bill passed its second reading last night, with 313 MPs voting for compared to 270 against. 

The bill is aimed at reviving the Government’s asylum policy to remove ‘certain migrants’ to the east African country after it was ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court. 

While some Conservative MPs, including Bolton West's Chris Green, spoke out to say they don't believe it is strong enough, others said that if any changes were to be made then it could breach international law. 

Speaking to The Bolton News yesterday, Chris Green MP said he didn't believe the bill was strong enough, voicing concern that 'loopholes' could be used by criminal gangs. 

He did not record any vote on it last night. 

Bolton South East's representative, Labour's Yasmin Qureshi MP, believed that the Safety of Rwanda Bill is 'completely unworkable', saying that the Conservatives need to stop the policy she labelled a 'chaotic gimmick'. 

She voted against it. 

Bolton North East's Conservative MP, Mark Logan, voted for the bill. 

Going forward, PM Rishi Sunak will face further opposition from MPs on the right of his party, who say they could vote emergency legislation down if it is not tightened. 

Former home secretary Suella Braverman and former immigration minister Robert Jenrick, who resigned last week following publication of the bill, were among the high profile Tories to abstain on Tuesday, despite being issued a three-line whip to vote in support of the Government. 

It allows ministers to disapply the Human Rights Act but does not go as far as overriding the European Convention on Human Rights, which Tory hardliners have demanded.

The 63 MPs who didn't vote could swing the outcome of any future vote.