Boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom have launched a halal meal recipe kit in the UK.

The new venture will offer 75 recipes from Heavenly Chef, the name of the new business, with lots of healthy food included.

Both Amir and Faryal announced the venture on Instagram with a joint post.

The caption said: “We are excited to announce our next new venture @heavenlychefuk the UK’s New Halal Meal kit recipe company.

“We offer over 75 delicious recipes. Get 20 per cent off your first order using coupon code: AKFM20.

“Enjoy your new healthy Halal meals.”

Amir and Faryal are currently living between the UK and Dubai and will cook healthier meals when on home soil.

The Bolton News: Amir Khan

Amir said: “Me and Faryal were thinking that cooking food is getting very expensive and there is so much wastage.

“So, we go shopping for ingredients to cook it and most of it just goes to waste.

“To tackle that there is a lot of companies out there that will give you the right portions and right ingredients so you can cook it yourself at home, and they deliver it right to your doorstep.

But Faryal said: “But then we thought, hold up, these brands don’t offer halal meat, which means we cannot use their services.

“So, we thought there is a massive gap in the market that we can fill in.

The duo has created Heavenly Chef to combat the issue if finding halal meat for those who only eat a halal diet.

Similar to other meal kit companies, customers can go online to customise and order their boxes before they are sent out.

And for every box sold, the couple will donate some of the sale to those affected in Palestine, The Heavenly Chef Instagram page is now just over 4,000 already, with videos showing how to make the meals, and pictures of the food.

Many people are excited for the new business and took to Instagram to share their thoughts.

One said: “I was looking at Simply Cook but think yours is better as it caters to halal and won’t have alcohol like theirs does - definitely checking yours out.”