A big-hearted youngster completed quite the festive 'feet'.

Seven-year-old Bradley Latham celebrated the true meaning of Christmas as he spread some seasonal cheer by gifting every child a pair of socks. 

He came up with the idea himself to gift every single child a pair of cosy Christmas socks at Tonge Moor Academy Primary School.

His parents were all too pleased to help and bought over 400 pairs of socks to wrap up and give to the children at the school.

Bradley’s mum, Samantha Dixon said: “Because of the cost-of-living we thought it would help the children keep their little feet warm when Bradley wanted to do it.

“The school were very happy and couldn’t believe it, and even all the parents and children have been sharing it and writing posts saying thank you.

The Bolton News: Bradley Latham

“Some children have even been wearing them to school instead of their school socks.”

It is something Samantha can relate to as she was a child whose family struggled with the bills at the time.

She said: “I am getting emotional, and it warms my heart.

“It makes us feel better doing it because I have been in the situation before myself.

“When I was younger, we were struggling, and I had cold feet because we had no gas or electricity sometimes.

The Bolton News: Bradley Latham

“We all struggle in our lives at some point and If you can help someone else, you should.”

Bradley decorated each bag for the socks to make it extra special for all the children.

Samantha said: “I love helping people and so does he because it’s hard for so many people at the moment.

“It could change someone’s mindset.

“If someone gave me this, it would have had an impact on me.”

Bradley wants to open a café for homeless people when he is older.

Samantha said: “He is such a caring little boy and he even volunteers with us in the holidays.

“He is always coming up with things and really cares about people.

“All the children have been shouting his name outside and calling him to thank him and it has also made him so happy too.”