A mum from Westhoughton has thanked the community after they helped her and her daughter to safety after her car flipped on its side in a two-car collision.

Zoe Woodward, 39, from Westhoughton, was on her way to drop her daughter Elsie Green, 3, off somewhere when her car flipped on its side on Chorley Road outside the Royal Oak pub.

She says that if it was not for the bystanders who helped her and Elsie, she does not know what she would have done.

Zoe said: “Elsie was sat in the back of the car seat, and I just remember it just went completely silent.

The Bolton News: “I had to turn round and look at Elsie, and I was dreading it, but she said, ‘mummy I need help’.

“I looked out of my window and there were bystanders, and someone helped Elsie out within minutes.

“The lady who helped her out of the car seat, put her in front of the car so I could see her.

“All I wanted was for Elsie to get out of the car.”

After helping Elsie out of the car, the lady also rang the police and her partner.

Whilst Elsie was being helped to safety Zoe was helped by a man who climbed into the back of the car, and put his hand on her head, and said “everything is going to be fine”.

The Bolton News: Zoe said: “Firefighters had to cut me out and take the back seats out of the car before I went in an ambulance.

“I was just really overwhelmed because not many people would put themselves at risk like they did, and act so quick.

“I was so worried about Elsie, but she just took it brilliantly.”

Zoe described the moment as “surreal”, and although it happened so quickly, she says it felt like a long time.

She now wants to get a message out to those who helped her and say thank you for their brave acts of kindness.

Zoe said: “I want to say a massive thank you to the man who helped me because I think I would have gone into complete panic, even though I was already in shock.

The Bolton News: Zoe Woodward with her daughter Elsie GreenZoe Woodward with her daughter Elsie Green (Image: Public)“But he calmed me down and reassured me, and put himself in danger, and anything could have happened.

“I also want to thank each and everyone of the people who helped me and Elsie.”

Zoe says she is grateful she was only left with minor injuries, and Elsie did not have any injuries.

She added: “I have had lots of support from my family, and my partner has been incredible.

“You just don’t think anything like this will happen to you.

“Royal Bolton Hospital has also been amazing, and staff have reassured me afterwards, and asked if I am okay.

“I am just so glad we have seatbelts and car seats.”

Zoe says that a recovery company Mons Moving Motors Ltd did not charge her to get her car from the compound.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “At around 6.10pm on Friday (December 15) two fire engines from Bolton Central and Horwich fire stations, along with the technical response unit from Ashton-Under-Lyne attended a crash involving two cars on Chorley Road, Westhoughton.

"Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to free one person from a vehicle before transferring them to the care of colleagues from North West Ambulance Service.

"Crews made the scene safe and were in attendance for around 45 minutes.”

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