A teenager took no short-cuts to helping charity as he took centre stage to have his hair cut off in front of his school year. 

Teddy Reynolds is well-known in his school year at Westhoughton High for his crowning glory.

The 14-year-old is the bassist in rock band F3INT, and, up until recently, had the long hair to reflect his rock style life.

But this month he decided to have it all cut off in assembly, donating it to The Little Princess Trust whilst also raising money for Bolton Hospice. 

The Bolton News: He has raised around £250 for charity so farHe has raised around £250 for charity so far (Image: Public)

His classmates cheered him on as an initial ponytail was cut off, before the barber set about giving him a new look.

Teddy told The Bolton News: "I just fancied a change. I thought there is no point throwing the hair away and not doing anything with it. 

"My mum works for Bolton Hospice, it is a very important charity, so that was why. 

The Bolton News: His hair beforeHis hair before (Image: Newsquest)

"I can't explain, I felt nervous and excited at the same time." 

Teddy's mum, Jill Reynolds, said: "Before even having his hair cut, he had already raised £194, and he has got some more coming from family and a few of his friends. 

"I am extremely proud, he is doing it for such a good cause. 

"I'm fine with it, it will be his dad who is devastated! I think he has got so used to his hair being long that he will miss it. 

The Bolton News: The ponytail which will be donated to The Princess Trust. It is 42cm longThe ponytail which will be donated to The Princess Trust. It is 42cm long (Image: Newsquest)

"It is like the end of an era, he had been growing it since he was seven." 

One of Teddy's friends, Jayden Croston, said: "I can't tell if he is enjoying it. He has had his hair for years. 

"It is good, but I feel bad for him at the same time, because his hair was a part of him." 

Zac Shapherson added: "It is amazing." 

The Bolton News: Teddy's new haircutTeddy's new haircut (Image: Public)

Mr Neil Coe, Headteacher of Westhoughton High, said: "I think it is brilliant. We have always been a school that is keen on doing community and charity work.

"When Teddy's mum got in contact about what he wanted to do, we thought let's make an event out of it. The other pupils have been really supportive. 

"It is good for our young people to see the contributions made by him. 

"Teddy is quite famous around school because of his band and because he is so distinctive." 

He added: "We have five key values, one of them is look after each other and the fourth one is respect for yourselves and others in the community, and this is a perfect example of that." 

Teddy has currently raised around £250 for charity, with more set to come. 

Angela Griffiths, Fundraising Manager at Bolton Hospice, said: "It is incredible really, it is brave what he has done, to do something big for two incredible charities. 

"Especially at this time of year, this money will go to help families and patients that we have over Christmas." 

The Bolton News: Mid-cutMid-cut (Image: Newsquest)

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs, free of charge, to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions. 

This year, The Bolton News held its 'Save Bolton Hospice' campaign after it had been announced that the hospice was operating at a £1.2m loss. 

In November, it was announced that the campaign raised over £450,000. 

To donate to the campaign visit Save Bolton Hospice (gofundme.com)