A youngster has proved he is a fighter through and through.

Jason Doherty is  determined to fulfil his sporting dreams of being in the UFC, ultimate fighting championships,  despite receiving a devastating diagnosis earlier this year.

The 10 year- old  from Westhoughton- was diagnosed in June of this year with type one diabetes  transforming his childhood.

His mum Rebecca Guy says she did notice that he was experiencing several symptoms beforehand, including going to the toilet more, falling over, and feeling thirsty.

After going to Bolton Hospital’s A&E department, his diagnosis was confirmed, and the family were devastated over what the future might hold.


The Bolton News: Jason showing his Dexcom CGM on his arm to monitor is blood glucose levelsJason showing his Dexcom CGM on his arm to monitor is blood glucose levels (Image: Public)

Rebecca said: “It is a lot to deal with at 10-years-old.

“It was very difficult at first, especially getting his head around it.

“He used to hate having injections previously.”

Type 1 diabetes means that there is an increased risk of kidney disease, heart disease, and a stroke, but it can be managed with medication.

It means Jason has to do a minimum of four injections a day and has to make the decision of whether or not to have sweets, which no child typically has to think of.

Rebecca says that he can have sweets if he chooses to, but he would have to have an injection afterwards, which can create an even more stressful situation.

Jason typically opts for a sugar free drink or chooses not to have any sweets.

Rebecca added: “For a 10-year-old it is a lot to take in especially with sweets and drinks, and not being able to have certain drinks and sweets at friend’s houses, because he needs an injection.

“Some friends will offer sweets and he will say no, and he always asks if the drink is sugar free.

The Bolton News: Jason with his MMA instructor at The Heywood AcademyJason with his MMA instructor at The Heywood Academy (Image: Public)“I can’t put into words how proud, me, his dad Alex, and sister Ella, are of him.”

Instead, Jason has Peperami, cheese, and sugar free jelly if he wants to have a treat.

He has been doing martial arts since the age of four, and his mum says that sports was the first thing he was worried about when he was diagnosed, and whether he would be able to continue.

But he continued to fight and was determined to keep pursuing his dream of one day being part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Rebecca said: “He likes the competition, and he likes the discipline of it, and how much control he has when he does certain moves.

“He watches all the UFC fights.”

The Bolton News: Rebecca added: “He was really worried he would have to give it up because if he does any exercise, it can bring his blood glucose down.

“This means we have to constantly monitor it on an app on our phones where we can see if his blood glucose levels are okay.

“But Jason said ‘no I am not going to let this stop me, and I am gonna carry on’.

“When he gets into the UFC he is gonna fly a flag for kids with type 1 diabetes.”

Despte Jason’s diagnosis and challenge to stay in sports, he managed to complete a three-hour grading panel, which involved an intense amount of exercise, including 80 press ups, and 80 sit ups.

He takes classes at Westhoughton Muay Thai boxing Fitness Club, and The Heywood Academy, as well as cubs.

Rebecca added: “He has just continued with it and I do get upset with how amazing he has handled it, because I don’t think I would be able to handle it as well as he has.

“When we found out we were devastated, but we had to try and be positive about it, so he wouldn’t see it negatively.

“There are a lot of kids affected with type 1 diabetes.”

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