A Bolton man has told how it was his 'faith and family' that gave him the strength after a devastating diagnosis  of cancer  - to ringing the bell 

Dave Kruczek, 41, from Horwich, found out he had bowel cancer in May this year after realising he had a bowel blockage, and was going to the toilet more frequently.

He also found certain foods irritating, and so he tried to cut out dairy and gluten, thinking he might have an allergy or an intolerance.

This caused him to lose a lot of weight, but also made no difference, and his wife Amy – of 18 years - noticed he was sleeping more.

He said: “I went to the GP and they referred me for a colonoscopy at the end of April this year.

The Bolton News: Dave Kruczek around four months ago when he had his first chemotherapy sessionDave Kruczek around four months ago when he had his first chemotherapy session (Image: Public)

“It didn’t take as long as they said it would, and they asked if someone was picking me up, and I said my wife is coming to pick me up, and I thought something was not as it should be.”

Consultants then confirmed that they found a mass and they suspected it to be cancerous, and they said that they needed to do a biopsy.

After a couple of weeks Dave and his family found out that that he had bowel cancer.

He said: “I think it was a bit of a shock, and they said it wasn’t normal for someone of my age to have bowel cancer.

“But being a Christian has helped me just know the peace beyond the situation, and I wasn’t particularly worried.

“When the consultant was telling me, they said ‘do you have some inner peace?’

“It took some processing, and it was quite hard for my wife, at the in between moment and not knowing what it was.

“I had to have a full body scan to see if it had spread.

“Waiting for answers are the hardest bits, and I think it’s the worst thinking you have months or weeks left to live.”

After going in the army at 16 it was only when he left that he started to take his faith more seriously and became a part of Grace Church Bolton, where he is now a church leader.

He said: “My faith sort of helped me with that peace and not worrying.

“Knowing that my wife, daughters, the community, friends, and the church community, were here has been a great support.

The Bolton News: Dave with his wife Amy and two daughters Isobel and OliviaDave with his wife Amy and two daughters Isobel and Olivia (Image: Public)“She was picking bits up in the house, being there for me, and working as a nurse, as well as watching me go through chemotherapy, and it was hard.”

Dave hopes that anyone who is experiencing bowel cancer symptoms will get it checked out as soon as possible.

He added: “Especially for men at my age, there is a bit of a reluctance to see a doctor.

“You put it off as much as you can.

“My wife was good at encouraging me to go and get things checked.

“Even if it’s to get the all clear, it’s important.

“I don’t know what the potential could have been if it wasn’t caught when it was.

“The sooner you can get things checked out, the better.”

The Bolton News: Dave Kruczek ringing the bell last monthDave Kruczek ringing the bell last month (Image: Public)Dave says that the experience made him think about the important things like being with people close to him, especially being with his family, and what does not matter.

He added: “I think about what life’s really about.

“At Christmas I don’t want to think about spending money on presents, I just want to be with people who matter because you don’t know what will happen.

“It’s a lot more precious than buying things.”

Dave has now rung the bell to celebrate the end of his treatment. Following a recent CT scan he has no signs of cancer, or tumour markers, and will continue to have regular checks for six months.

Now Dave just needs to have a stoma reversal surgery in a couple of months.

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