If you are trying to find a more unique job to add a bit of spice to your life, then look no further as the UK's highest-paying 'strange' jobs have been revealed.

Jobs site Adzuna conducted some research looking into some of the more unusual jobs on offer which also pay above average, the PA News Agency reports.

This includes stress engineers, with those who are among the best in their field earning around £65,000 per year.

As the name of the job suggests, they examine the stress levels of structures and materials to see what it would take for them to break.

The Bolton News: The likes of stress engineers and human factor consultants are paid quite well The likes of stress engineers and human factor consultants are paid quite well (Image: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the salary of a human factor consultant, who integrates human factors into product design, is worth around £58,000 per year.

Wastewater modellers and bingo callers

Wastewater modellers were considered to be another unique vocation analysed in which they use mathematical models to figure out what to do with the wastewater, as reported by Metro.

Elsewhere, tramper drivers who help to transport goods over long distances and live out of trucks are also included.

Other jobs analysed by Adzuna included bingo caller (average salary of £31,490), nursery chef (£21,700) and clothing technologist (£32,600).

If you wondered what a clothing technologist does they help choose the right fabrics and designs for manufacturers to make clothes at a set cost.

Many of the jobs listed pay well above average due to their unique set of specifications, which means there's not a huge amount of people actually applying for them.

Co-founder of Adzuna Andrew Hunter said: "If your current job isn’t fulfilling, consider pursuing these unique professions with unusual job titles.

"Contrary to common belief, transitioning to an unconventional job could be a strategic financial move, given their odd prosperity driven by skills shortages.

"This might also bring you a sense of novelty that can serve as an excellent conversation starter."