Most people will still have the Christmas decorations up but the supermarkets are already thinking of Easter.

Easter eggs are appearing on shelves with some supermarket chains displaying the products as early as Boxing Day.

These Easter Eggs were spotted at Tesco, Woodfield Retail Park, on Saturday - two days before New Year's Day.

Budget chain B&M is already selling Easter eggs and displays have also been spotted in various Tesco and Co-op stores before the New Year, much to the surprise of shoppers.

Asda, which started displaying Christmas products in September, said customers like it as they want to 'spread the cost' and it allows them to get ahead with shopping. 

The Bolton News:

In 2024, Easter Sunday will take place on March 31, meaning that stores putting out chocolate eggs from December are almost four months early.

Speaking in previous years about the early arrival, The Co-op has stated that from experience, they know some customers like to buy Easter eggs early and they want to give those people the option.

A spokesperson for Tesco also said: "We know some of our customers like to buy their eggs early so we have started selling a small selection in some of our stores."