A woman is offering a £150 reward to anyone who can help find her 45-year-old soft toy cow which has travelled the world with her.

Sophie Luke, 46, her husband Michael, and their two children went shopping at Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park on New Year's Eve at around lunchtime whilst visiting Michael’s family in Horwich.

Sophie says that their car was full, and Daisy was on top of their luggage, close to the Homesense / TK Maxx entrance.

She said: “I opened the boot to get my coat and we think she must have fallen out without being noticed.

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The Bolton News:

“We stayed an hour then travelled home to Bristol that afternoon and didn’t realise she was missing until the evening.

“I was very upset, so my husband got in the car at 5am on New Year's Day and drove three hours back to scour the car park while it was empty.

“He then went into all of the shops that were open and left contact details.

“We have also been in touch with the management company.

“Everyone was very helpful but sadly she hasn’t been found yet.”

Sophie says that Daisy has become very special to her over the years, after her dad Colin gifted her the soft toy cow when she was one.

Daisy has become such a sentimental item to her that she has even named her in her will to be given to one of her children.

Sophie added: “She has travelled with me when I was younger to Hollywood, the Grand Canyon, Wimbledon, the Acropolis of Athens, baseball in the USA, and much more.

“She sat with my son when he was a day old, and she even got married on the same day that I did.

“I made her a little veil and put her on the front pew, as well as getting some special photos, and some laughs from those who attended.

“So, you can understand how special she is to me, even though she’s just an old, scruffy, toy cow in the eyes of onlookers.”

The Bolton News: Sophie has also taken to local Facebook pages, and she has already received a few messages from people saying they saw Daisy on a post beside Homesense.

One lady who had been in touch says that she found her and put her on a post, and now feels “gutted” she did not keep her safe.

Sophie said: “At least I know she was there.

“I have also been told that a little girl was playing with her, but apparently her mum told her to put her back, and an elderly gentleman also went over to look at her.

“Another lady also commented to say she thought she saw Daisy on a post further along outside Asda. Again, she isn’t there now.”

The Bolton News: Sophie also says that the management company Emerson checked the camera footage, but they had no luck, and Daisy is still yet to be found.

She said: “I know there are terrible things happening in the world right now and that Daisy is in reality just a soft toy.

“She isn’t anything special to look at; her fur is worn in parts and her eyes are rubbed off.

“To me, however, she is so precious and has been with me my whole life.

“I’m wondering if perhaps a little child may have taken her home, which as a mum I know can happen.

“I will understand if that’s the case and would plea for Daisy to simply be dropped back into Homesense or into the management office next to Specsavers.

“I would drive up to collect her in a heartbeat.

“It’s gut-wrenching when you realise that something so special to you has gone missing.

“I am sure anyone else would be devastated to lose something so special.

“She has been with me throughout all my key moments, and I love her to bits.”

If anyone has any information, please get in touch with myself by emailing jasmine.jackson@newsquest.co.uk or send me a DM on X @journojasmine and this will be forwarded to Sophie to make arrangements.