Fool Me Once is a new Netflix series, based on the book by Harlan Coben, and viewers might spot a few recognisable places on their TV screens if they tune in to watch it.

The thriller consists of eight episodes in which main character Maya Stern, played by Michelle Keegan, comes to terms with the loss of her husband Joe who was murdered.

But then, she finds evidence that suggests he’s still alive - she spots him in her house on a nanny cam that she installs to keep an eye on her young daughter.

The new series has been filmed in locations across the north west, according to Radio Times.

Fool Me Once filming locations in the UK

Harlan Coben’s book is set in New York but the TV series is set in and filmed in the UK.

Michelle Keegan spoke exclusively to Radio Times, saying: “The book’s set in New York, so it’s totally different now, because they’re in Manchester. It sort of grounded it for me.”

Joanna Lumley said: “I think it worked really well. It switched over very easily, without any sense that you’re losing too much. And also, Harlan and his team had written in a new strand which was a very English strand, Adeel’s character.

"That whole sort of subplot was beautiful. So the book had sort of been plasticined, morphed into a kind of British shape, and it worked really well."

A fictional town called Winhurst is where the series is set but since it’s not a real place, locations in the north west, including Manchester, Oldham and Cheshire were used to create shots.

Scenes were filmed next to Manchester Airport at the Runway Visitor Park at Ringway as well as Castlefield Viaduct and Bramhall.

Viewers might also spot Cheshire in the series, including Arley Hall which features as Judith’s home, Farmwood.

The Cheshire location has more than 15 acres of gardens and can be used for weddings or big events, according to Radio Times.

The country house was also used to film scenes at a funeral in the new series – these were also shot at Philips Park Cemetery in Miles Platting, Manchester.

Members of the public can visit Arley Hall - it has a four-star rating on Tripadvisor with reviewers praising its "magnificent" gardens and "excellent" lunch in the cafe.

Also featuring in the series are Oldham’s Alexandra Park and underground tunnels in Stockport.

Bolton  School and Bramhall are also locations used for filming while Keegan flew a helicopter herself from Barton to Delamere Forest for the series.

Scenes that show Maya working in the army were shot in Almeria, Spain.