Work is taking place to remove cladding on a town centre apartment block.

Scaffolding has been installed outside Marsden House and businesses say  the work is impacting trade.

The owners of Marsden House say the work has to be carried out.

Changes were brought in following the devastating fire at Grenfell, London, in which 72 people died in 2017 with some materials no longer compliant.

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Marsden House is run by Hadrian Property Management, with managers saying extensive works need to be carried out and apologised for any disruption.

Colin Walker, company manager at Hadrian Property Management, said the safety of residents was paramount.

He said: “We sincerely regret any disruption caused, and we are endeavouring to complete what are extensive works to the façade of Marsden House with as little disruption as possible. Regrettably, it is impossible to remove and reinstall non-compliant cladding systems from such a high rise building without this significantly affecting the tenants, both commercial and residential whilst the works are taking place.

"Obviously, the safety of residents is paramount, and the completion of these works is urgent and necessary to that end.

"The scaffolding is expected to remain in place for at least 35 weeks, if there is any possibility of shortening that timescale we will certainly do so.

"Whilst parking on Marsden Road is restricted during the works, there is ample parking available within easy walking distance.”

Businesses say that they are losing passing trade as 'no one can see the shop' and a manager of a takeaway say it is struggle with parking, issues raised by other businesses.