A World War II hero celebrated his 100th birthday.

David Teacher – who was the former vice-chairman of the Bolton and District Normandy Veterans Association – joined the RAF when he was just 18, in 1942, and was also one of the first to land on Juno Beach in Normandy on D-Day in 1944.

David has described the D-Day landing as the “most horrendous day”, when a bomb landed around 20 feet away from him, but fortunately it did not explode.

His unit stayed on the beach in a trench for three months, fixing broken down vehicles and supervising the unloading of Landing Ship Tank’s.

The Bolton News:

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The most special part about his birthday on December 29, at Broughton House Veteran Care Village, was seeing all of his family and friends, which included a Bedford QL arriving - the vehicle in which he landed on Juno beach with on D-Day - that was named after David’s late wife Nancy of 76 years.

David added: “It was wonderful, a great day and a great party.”

Speaking to BBC Breakfast about D-Day, David said: "At first, I was definitely apprehensive, 'cos we didn't know what to expect, but once we got involved in what we had to do, it became more or less simple - a doddle - and we weighed through it without too much trouble."

David, who was born in Hastings, was also called to the Mechanical Transport Depot at the Air Observer School, in Stranraer, Scotland, and volunteered for the RAF Beach Unit as a mechanic, repairing vehicles.

David’s unit moved inland, fighting in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium before being involved in relieving US troops besieged in Bastogne, on December 27, 1944.

The Bolton News: David was later awarded his MBE title, in 2012, for services to ex-service organisations and for his charitable contributions in Greater Manchester for the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen.

David became a regular volunteer at the imperial war museum where he gave talks.

In 2016, he published an autobiography titled ‘Beyond My Wildest Dreams’ where he detailed his time in the Armed Forces and what followed.

His second biography, written by David’s close friend Richard Alexander, was titled ‘No Ordinary Tuesday’, and was published last year.

CEO of the care home, Karen Miller, said: “It is my absolute privilege to be giving David heartfelt birthday wishes from the whole team at Broughton House as he becomes a centenarian.

The Bolton News: David Teacher“David really is an inspiration to us all.

“Having served his country so courageously during the war, David has continued to dedicate his life to serve others, not only through his charitable work but also by sharing with the younger generation the values of friendship, duty and service.”

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