BrewDog will be offering a deal at its UK bars or pubs during January and February 2024 which will see customers able to claim a burger or a pizza for £1.

January can be tough with money being tight after Christmas, but BrewDog is here to help with the return of its popular Buy One, Get One £1 offer.

The deal was a hit in 2023 with more than 47,000 customers taking advantage of the deal and will be available in BrewDog pubs and bars across the UK from January 3 to February 18 in 2024.

Captain of BrewDog, James Watt, said: “As we head into the new year, we wanted to make January as painless as possible, which is why I’m pleased to announce the return of ‘Buy One, Get One £1 deal’ across all UK bars for all family and friends to enjoy.

“Last year, the deal was a massive success with our customers with over 47,000 people taking advantage of the deal. That’s a lot of pizzas and burgers!”

How to claim £1 burger or pizza deal at BrewDog?

If you are hoping to take advantage of this deal from BrewDog, here's how to claim your £1 pizza or burger.

This deal can be claimed by pre-booking a table and when ordering, the cheapest pizza or burger will be reduced to the cost of £1.

It's as simple as that. To book a table visit the BrewDog website here.


Burgers available at BrewDog include the Patriot (stacked with bacon, cheddar, pickles, and BBQ sauce) or the Buffalo Chicken burger (coated in hot sauce and honey glaze).

Or if you are after a plant-based option there is the Plant-Powered Patriot (which uses Redefine Meat's signature patties, plant-based bacon, pickles and onions) or the Carolina Chicken (packed with Tindle's crispy chicken, heritage tomato, red onion, and Carolonia mustard bbq sauce).

As for pizzas, there is a large range to choose from including the Spicy Meaty pizza (topped with Nduja and fresh chilli), Smokey Pork (with smoked sausage and caramelised onions), Punked Up Pepperoni (full of jackfruit and jalapenos) or the Halloumi (coated in red peppers, aubergines and balsamic glaze).

The Buy One, Get One £1 offer at BrewDog pubs and bars is available through pre-bookings only and runs from January 3 to February 18.