Greater Manchester's landlords are set to be able to apply for accreditation under a charter up for consultation by the combined authority.

Metro Mayor Andy Burnham announced a consultation on the GM Good Landlord Charter at an event at GMCA HQ today (January 8). 

Alongside representatives from GM Housing Providers, GM Tenants Union and the National Residential Landlords Association, Mr Burnham said the charter up for consultation is a voluntary scheme for private landlords and social landlords of all sizes who are committed to a voluntary standard which is above and beyond legal requirements.

The criteria would be numerous but these would be based on a number of characteristics: affordable, inclusive, private, responsive, safe, supportive, well-managed.

Mr Burnham said: "For at least a decade we have heard about a housing crisis. It is common for people to throw it out there. 

"If we have heard about a housing crisis for at least 10 years where is the response? The truth of the matter is I don't see it."

Mr Burnham said: "I want to make it clear there are landlords who are trying to do the right thing. 

"At the moment there is no way to tell between those landlords and those who are less scrupulous."

The tenants of those who do not apply for accreditation are set to be able to apply for a property check allowing the authorities to check the properties for themselves and, if necessary, to take enforcement action on private landlords and social landlords responsible for them.

It comes after the death of Awaab Ishak, who was two years old when he died in 2020 from a respiratory condition contracted while living in a one-bedroom flat with his parents in Rochdale.

Mark Slater, of GM Tenants Union, said: "We are pleased Andy Burnham and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority are committed to improving enforcement action across the region. 

"We need to get serious about the housing crisis and ensuring tenants can live in affordable, decent, safe, secure homes, and are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of who their landlord is and what type of home they live in.”

The consultation on the GM Good Landlord Charter runs from 10am on January 8 to 12pm on February 26.

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