Parents have paid an emotional tribute to a 'beautiful' baby girl who died at just two months old.

'Perfect' Billie Rae Morris tragically died on New Year's Eve, 2022, an inquest held this week heard her death was due to natural causes.

Her mother, Sasha Hamilton, had put her down to nap before returning to find her pale and not breathing. 

She was rushed to hospital but did not regain consciousness.

Following the inquest at Bolton Coroners Court her heartbroken family  paid a moving tribute to their daughter.

The Bolton News: Billie RaeBillie Rae (Image: Family)

In a statement the family said: "Our beautiful blue eyed Billie Rae, you will remain with us and part of us for eternity, now we have your answer we are now ready to start the process of letting you lay at peace and rest. 

"Life is so cruel and we would go through it all for another 11 weeks with you but we can’t, fly high baby girl, you are way too precious for this cruel world and always will be our true beautiful angel. Love mummy, daddy, Franki, Ocean Rose and Lincoln. 

“Thank you to our closest family and true friends who have been by our side and always been there at the hurdles we needed to get through, you all know who you are.

“Thank you to CID at Greater Manchester Police, the paediatricians at Royal Manchester Hospital, the forensic toxicologist, the ambulance service and the coroners who worked with Billie Rae and tried their best in every area, you’ll never be forgotten." 

The Bolton News: Billie Rae with her dad, Ashley MorrisBillie Rae with her dad, Ashley Morris (Image: Family)

Billie Rae lived at Ashley Avenue in Breightmet with her parents, Sasha Hamilton and Ashley Morris. 

Ms Hamilton told the inquest how her daughter had been healthy, taking food from the bottle, and was 'smiling' and 'normal' leading up to her death, besides a short period of being a 'little snotty'. 

She said: "She was perfect, little, she was tiny. But she was so amazing, she lit our world up and she will forever. 

"She just wanted to be with us, she didn't ever want to be put down. 

"It haunts us every day." 

On the morning of New Year's Eve 2022, Ms Hamilton was doing errands around the house. She fed Billie Rae and put her down to sleep. 

The Bolton News: She was just two months oldShe was just two months old (Image: Family)

Ms Hamilton left the room for 'five minutes', but on her return Billie-Rae looked pale. 

She said: "I walked into the bedroom and she didn't look the right colour. She was a pale colour, and after a couple of minutes of watching her, I noticed her chest wasn't rising and falling." 

The Bolton News: Billie RaeBillie Rae (Image: Family)

Paramedics were then called and Billie Rae was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital, but after attempts at resuscitation, doctors pronounced her dead at 12.30pm. 

Pathologist Gemma Petts said she could not find any evidence which could lead her to a cause of death, and gave her medical cause of death as unascertained. 

Coroner Simon Nelson concluded her death as having been due to unascertained natural causes. 

The Bolton News: Bolton Coroners' CourtBolton Coroners' Court (Image: Newsquest)

He said: "Of all the cases I've dealt with over the years, the most difficult of all the cases are those involving children and babies. 

"It may sadly be the case that New Year's Eve is never the same for you in the future. 

"It sounds like she had given you much pleasure, and you will cherish the weeks you had with her." 

Ms Hamilton added: "I would do it all again if I could have another 11 weeks with her."