A manager at a town centre pub has slashed drink prices to bring people together and help with those struggling.

With help from Craft Union, punters at The Balmoral pub can get a pint of John Smiths and Carlsberg for £1.79 each, and a pint of Strongbow for £2.09, throughout January.

Manager of the pub on Bradshawgate, Danny Loynd, has worked in the industry for a number of years and even held a Christmas party in July last year to help those isolated and to cheer people up.

Danny says that The Balmoral is “probably” the cheapest pub in Bolton at the moment.

Operator Craft Union Pub Company has set the pricing, which is why the pub are able to offer the discounted pints.

The Bolton News:

He said: “Craft Union decided to do this to bring the community together after Christmas, with times being hard.

“The cost of living is hard for people.

“And to come out after Christmas is hard, with everyone maxing out their credit cards, and we don’t want people to be at home on their own.”

Danny says that the pub company are very community based, which gives The Balmoral that community feel.

The Bolton News: And it is a pub where “anybody will talk to anybody”, which means people are not on their own.

Danny said: “We run a community pub, so we want everybody to come together, and it’s affordable as well.

“We all work together on anything we do, and this year we are planning on big tribute acts, which is going to hopefully bring a lot of the older generation out to spend time with friends.

“There are people on their own, people with no family, and there’s the older generation who come in who have maybe lost people.

“We had a couple who lost a lot of family members last year, so it’s about getting them in here and bringing people back together.

“There were also people who were in hospital who missed out on Christmas, and it’s just nice for them to know they can come here, and it’s cheap.”

Danny says that the rise in energy prices is always a challenge, especially in the hospitality sector, but it is the customers who keep him and the pub going.

He added: “The pub game is hard, and not running it as a community is why pubs are closing so fast.

“I probably know the life story of all these people in here, and the troubles they’ve had, and the losses they’ve had in families, so they’re more my family as well.”

Danny said that the pub has not always had the best reputation but, since Craft Union took over, it has been transformed.

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