A Bolton teen spent his eighteenth birthday stealing a BMW from a home in a move which a judge described as “particularly sad.”

Lewis Davies was with a group who took the vehicle from a property in Horwich.

He was later seen being driven in the stolen vehicle.

Bolton Crown Court heard he was involved in a range of offences involving cars and thefts.

In May 2022 a Ford Fiesta worth £20,000 was stolen from a property overnight.

The vehicle was spotted in Westhoughton by police who recognised Davies as the driver.

It was pursued by police and a woman - who was not the owner of the vehicle - exited it while it was in motion.

She told police Davies had urged her to get out and not given her time to leave.

In July 2023 a man and his partner left their home on Holmesbrook, Horwich, to go on holiday.

They were contacted to say their property had been broken into an a BMW had been stolen.

Officers on patrol later spotted the vehicle, on false plates, in Bolton, and pursued it.

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The vehicle hit speeds of 60mph before crashing.

Its occupants fled but Davies was found and discovered to have been a passenger.

Alex Beevers, prosecuting, read a victim impact from the man who had his car stolen.

It said: “I have lived here for 23 years and this if the first time anything like this has happened.

“I feel angry that someone has been in my house while I have been on holiday

“I have been stressed and upset.

“It ultimately ruined by holiday.”

In August last year police saw a Renault Clio on Bark Street in the centre of Bolton being driven by Davies.

He was driving it while disqualified and with no insurance.

Davies, from Knutshaw Crescent, Westhoughton, appeared in court to be sentenced after admitting dangerous driving, burglary, handling stolen goods, aggravated vehicle taking, driving while disqualified and with no insurance.

The court heard the burglary of the property in Horwich took place on his eighteenth birthday.

Gurdit Singh, defending, said: “He recognised the severe position that he is in.

“He is extremely young and also naïve

“Mr Davies stated he felt pressurised with the threat of violence that might be used if he did not comply.

“This has been his first time in an adult custody.

“‘He said in his words ‘this is not the life I want for myself.’”

Judge Abigail Hudson said: “You are 18 years old.

“You committed the burglary on your eighteenth birthday, a fact that I find particularly sad.

“You have spent a lot of the last four years in youth detention.

“You will spend more time there unless you change your attitude and lifestyle.”

She sent him to detention for a period of two years.